We have been leading hikes and outdoor activities since 1998. As of 2014 our membership has grown to over 7,200. Hikes & activities are FREE, and open to people of all ages. HM is now the largest HIKING Organization in the entire state of MI.
HIKING MICHIGAN is all over the Internet. You can get our HIKES Schedule on Facebook, read about the Hikes or other outdoor information on our Wordpress Blog, watch Videos of some of the Groups activities on the YOU-TUBE site, or gather some outdoor knowledge on our VIMEO site. Want to see some pictures from many of the S.E.MI. parks we visit, then check out the HM FLICKR page. There are many ways to stay in touch with us. Just get on-line and search for HIKING MICHIGAN.
Our mission is to assist ALL people in experiencing the beautiful parks and Trails that Michigan has to offer. We show people the wonders that nature can teach them about improving their lives & health. All while having a great time doing so with like-minded individuals.
We take nature style hikes, teach classes to young people & Scouts, and show adults the many different interconnections Nature has with everything around us. We publish a free Quarterly NewsLetter with info on Outdoor activities & articles to help you be better prepared and enjoy yourself more, while out in MI. parks.
EMAIL US about anything you see on the web site
Trail courtesy is very important while out in our Parks. Many trails are shared by different recreational users. HIKING MICHIGAN follows the Tread Lightly standards indicated to the right.